Child Porn & Federal Forfeiture Law

Regarding child pornography, AB of Pennsylvania wrote:

“2 yrs ago. I was accused of child porn. They took at least $7.000 worth of software and hardware and I never got any of it back. Can someone help me get it back? I am now charged with porn and thats it. I have not been sentenced yet. A few months I would guess. Thanks.”

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U.S. Supreme Court: Child Porn Purveyors Beware

The U.S. Supreme Court today warned purveyors of child pornography to beware, holding that the 2003 PROTECT Act constitutionally criminalizes promotion of such material.

In an opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia, the court held 7-2 that “offers to provide or requests to obtain” child pornography are not protected by the First Amendment, even if no actual child pornography is involved in the proposed transaction.

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