California Supreme Court agrees with …

… me … see my post on the anti-gay marriage initiative at:

… and, coincidentally, with proponents of the anti-gay marriage initiative.

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California Anti-Gay Marriage Initiative

Today I received the following email and inuiry from a fellow West Pointer, Ed Colchado, Class of ’76:


What is your opinion of recently filed suits to bar the November initiative on the basis that the “measure would change the state’s Constitution so profoundly that it would amount to a revision. Under the law, the Constitution cannot be revised by initiative alone – a two-thirds legislative approval is also needed before the measure goes to the voters.”

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Point-Counterpoint with Randy DeSoto

I have received an email from Randy DeSoto regarding his column on the California gay marriage case, to which I respond here:

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Randy DeSoto Wrong on Gay Marriage

I received today an email with a link to an article by Randy DeSoto on the website The Conservative Voice. In this article, he discusses the recent California Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. DeSoto’s “constitutional” analysis of the issues is, however, deficient in several significant respects:

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Will California Gay Marriages be Legal in Other States?

A straight-forward reading of Article IV, Section 1, of the U.S. Constitution, would seem to indicate that the anwer to this question is an unequivocal yes.

It isn’t.

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California Supreme Court: Yes on Gay Marriage

In the most important court decision upholding individual rights since the US Supremes struck down state prohibitions of interracial marriage, the California Supreme Court today banished California’s law against gay marriage.

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