Hands Free Cell Phone Dichotomy

Fines for violating the new hands free cell phone law in California are $20 for the first offense and $50 for any second and subsequent offenses. California Vehicle Code section 23123.

The fine schedule for violating the California high occupancy vehicle (carpool) lane is derived primarily from California Vehicle Code section 42001.11 (set forth in full below). A rather arcane application of that section and several other code sections results in a minimum fine of $271.

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Abandoned Vehicle on Foreclosure Property

Laura Smith wrote to me by commenting on my Welcome post. I am moving it here to bring it to the top of the current page. She asked:

Don’t know if you can help, but I’m purchasing a property that is in foreclosure. There is an old beater car on the property.

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English as our “Official Language”?

My youngest sister Suzie sent me this question today:

Jim, I’m sure you’ve heard of or seen this email before. I’ve received it several times. Do you have any idea why these Senators would vote against English as the official language of the US.

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California Supreme Court agrees with …

… me … see my post on the anti-gay marriage initiative at:


… and, coincidentally, with proponents of the anti-gay marriage initiative.

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The 1st Amendment — Dialog on Religion & Government

My recent posts here regarding Randy DeSoto’s The Conservative Voice columns were an outgrowth of an ongoing conversation among a group of West Point graduates regarding 2008 presidential election issues. John Sloan, Class of 1955, a frequent contributor to this discussion, provided a lengthy and thoughtful comment on my post on the role of religion in government, to which I will respond here.

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The Role of Religion in Our Government

Randy DeSoto sent me an email with a link to his latest article on the website “The Conservative Voice”, in which he discusses what he calls “Obama’s Schizophrenic Views on Faith.”

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The Cell Phone Debate “Rages” On

As mentioned in my previous post on the new California hands free cell phone law, there has been a raging debate over the use of cell phones while driving. I recently participated in a conversation on the subject on the website “Newsvine”, which conversation begins at:


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